Aboriginal Youth Mean Business!

Shaun Vincent

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Red River College

With roots firmly in Winnipeg and the Métis community, Shaun Vincent has earned a solid reputation as a successful independent Graphic Designer. Prior to opening his own company in 2007, Shaun worked for a number of Winnipeg-based design firms honing his craft. After a few years he became restless and answered an inner call to develop his own business.

“I realized that I was very capable in the design field - having learned very steadily from watching others,” he reflected. “I understood the design process well and had a great deal of confidence in my abilities.” Shaun had created a new plan to pursue his own dreams; so he registered his own company and began marketing his new Graphic Design business primarily in the Aboriginal community. Over the past three years, his firm has rapidly expanded its clientele throughout Manitoba and is now getting inquiries from as far away as California.

“I really enjoy working with clients, including all the challenges that come with it,” he mused. “I want the final product to be the absolute best that it can be.” And that deep sense of commitment to quality is precisely what has gained Shaun an ever-widening place in the business milieu of Winnipeg.

Vincent Design is a growing Graphic Design company that specializes in web design, corporate identity, marketing, and pretty much anything related to design. Shaun especially enjoys book design due to the highly personalized working relationship needed to create such an individualized product. Shaun shares, “I love designing books, especially covers. Working with authors and publishers was a great experience. They're incredibly enthusiastic about knowing someone is going to put a face on their hard work, Bring it to life sort to speak.”

Shaun is committed to maintaining professional standards, treating people with respect, and staying positive while facing new challenges. Although Vincent Design is relatively new on the block, Shaun dreams of adding more employees to his team and founding a state of the art office environment that will accommodate his graphic design aspirations; where his work will be his “image” maker rather than some fancy big building operation.

Shaun is open to sharing some of his thoughts with the younger generation: “I recommend that youth find something they absolutely love and can get excited about in using their creativity. Enjoying and being passionate about what you do means you will really never have to ‘work’ again. To be an entrepreneur means independence and responsibility for sure, but the greatest payoffs are the ability set your own agenda and be proud of the work that you do. Understand the problem or challenges before you, learn to listen and ask questions, keep it simple, and be positive!”

Vincent Design