Aboriginal Youth Mean Business!

Eugene Desjarlais

Eugene Desjarlais, Owner, E R Small Business Solutions, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Helping organizations take control of their financial responsibilities and teaching others the importance of financial management.

Eugene Desjarlais came from a farming background that taught him lifelong principles such as independence and the value of hard work. Quickly realizing that farming was not in his blood, nor that he wanted to work for someone else, Eugene decided in a career in financial management.

Eugene suggested that "I was attracted to being an entrepreneur because I learned early in life that there are major advantages of having your own business including the independence it affords and knowing that what you put into the business (sweat equity) would likely result in what you get out of it (personal satisfaction and financial rewards)."

E R Small Business Solutions works with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations of all sizes and financial needs. Being a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Eugene is able to help clients with their regular bookkeeping and managing their organizational financial systems.

Eugene remembers that it was not long ago that he to needed help with his business. "I utilized a number of sources to help get my business going, including the Manitoba Canada Business Service Centre and I participated in the Self Employment Program where I was able to access a lot of other resources."

"I found that talking to other business owners also helped as I realized that they too faced many of the challenges I was having during my first year of business."

Looking back, Eugene feels that the most important thing for a new business to consider is a well thought out business plan. "A solid business plan is very important because it forces you to really analyze your business and gives you an idea of how much time and effort it will take to realize your dreams."

Now that his business is a success, Eugene feels that three of the most lessons learned for success includes:

  1. Knowing when to get outside help if you are unable to perform a task because of lack of knowledge and/or time.
  2. Be patient and persistent, there will be setbacks the successful entrepreneur does not give up.
  3. Make sure that you have enough capital for the business you are trying to start.

When asked what advice Eugene would give young Aboriginal entrepreneurs looking to start a business today, he replied "Have a solid business plan, and do not expect to start a business in the hopes that you can work less hours, almost all successful business owners spend a lot of extra hours ensuring that their business is a success. Once you are successful in your efforts as a result of your blood, sweat and tears you will feel good about yourself."

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