Aboriginal Youth Mean Business!

About Us

What is Aboriginal Youth Mean Business! (AYMB)?

Aboriginal Youth Mean Business! is a coalition of service providers that are working together to encourage Aboriginal youth to start or expand a business in Manitoba. It is also a place to showcase existing Aboriginal businesses and meet role models who can share their experiences.

What is Partners for Careers?

As a program of Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth, Partners for Careers is the host of the Aboriginal Youth Mean Business! website. Partners for Careers provides many other services for Aboriginal people in Manitoba and we encourage you to visit our employment website www.partnersforcareers.mb.ca or to call our toll free number 1-800-883-0938 for information on the Guide to Winnipeg for Aboriginal Newcomers or information on our Aboriginal Program Information Resource Centre.

What types of resources are found on AYMB?

You will find information about programs and services specifically aimed at Aboriginal youth who may be looking to start their own business or are hoping to expand a business they already are running. It is also a place to meet existing Aboriginal business people and learn about their operations.

What is the Aboriginal Business Directory?

It is the largest online directory of Aboriginal owned businesses operating in Manitoba.

Where does the content for the site come from?

Aboriginal Youth Mean Business! does not create the information found on its site. The site provides access to existing quality information from other Manitoba organizations, governments or businesses.

What if I do not have Internet at home?

AYMB can be accessed through public access terminals at local human resource/employment centres, libraries, community access sites, or youth serving agencies. Community Connections (Connexions Communautaires) can provide you with access to the Internet through hundreds of Community Access Program (CAP) locations around Manitoba. CAP locations provide free Internet access to Manitobans with the assistance of community groups, social agencies, libraries, schools, volunteer groups and the business sectors throughout the province. Find out where the most convenient site is for you by calling the Winnipeg office at (204) 945-8527 or 1-866-896-0938 (toll-free), or by visiting the Community Connections website www.communityconnections.mb.ca